New Pools
If you're ready for a new pool, or just thinking about how nice a pool would look in your yard, a pool tour a great place to start. (Contact Hacienda Pools if you're intrested in a pool tour.)

Following are some recommendations to make sure your pool build experience is a positive one - and your new pool is the envy of your neighborhood.

Planning Your New Pool
Once you've decided a pool is for you, the first step is planing - and specifically, The Plans. If you have selected a landscape designer to assist you in designing your backyard, be sure he or she has extensive knowledge in pools and hardscape architecture. This knowledge is essential in preparing legitimate plans that professional pool builder's can use to formulate realistic bids.

If you plan on building a pool in the near future, don't landscape your backyard.
Always complete the pool and hardscape (deck, concrete) first. You will save your new landscape and your pocket book from being devastated. A good set of detailed plans allows potential builders to bid from a common base, otherwise bids may be widely inaccurate and worthless for comparing or developing your pool. The cost of having a professional develop spec plans generally ranges from $500 to $2,300. Hacienda Pools will provide a set of pool hardscape plans that can later be upgraded to landscape plans if you so choose.

In our area, a quality built and managed pool will cost somewhere in the range of $60k - $90k+ (not including landscaping). The exact cost is dependent on size, materials, and added options such as water features. (Check out some of our Cool Products & Options.)

"[Hacienda Pools] not only helped us envision our dream backyard, they put their efforts into making that dream a reality."
- Robin H of Livermore

Choosing a Pool Builder
Choosing the right pool builder is a decision you'll have to live with for the life of your pool; so before making an appointment with any pool builder, do your homework. Chances are you know someone that has had a pool built or extensively remodeled. Asking friends and neighbors about their projects will help you develop good questions for the builders you'll be considering. We recommend you interview at least three potential builders before making a decision. Taking the time to interview builders, inspecting their work, and checking their references is the best way to insure you'll end up with a great pool.

Here's a few tips for finding a competent builder:
Having major work done in your yard?
Be prepared for damage to your front or side yard landscaping from required equipment, materials, and traffic. The Pool Build Process
The Pool build process generally takes 10 to 14 weeks and consists of a few basic steps.
  1. Planning
  2. Demolition and Excavation
  3. The Build
  4. Concrete (Decking)
  5. Pool/Spa Interior Surfacing
  6. Water Fill
  7. Swim / Landscaping