The Pool Build Process

step 3: The Build
Typical duration: 5-6 weeks

Installation of Steel
Rebar is shaped as part of the structure and also to strengthen your new pool
$ Engineering, Demolition, Excavation and Steel Payment

Next we'll lay the plumbing and prepare the light niches. Plumbing will then be thoroughly tested prior to continuing. For remodels, we'll core drill and install all new plumbing.
$ Plumbing Payment
# Pre-Gunite Inspection

Installation of
Main Plumbing Run

Main Run and
Manifold to Equipment Pad

Solar Stub

Completed Plumbing and Steel

Gunite Materials Arrive
Gunite Materials Arrive
The day before we install the gunite the materials arrive. Please note that these materials will usually be placed in front of your driveway, sometimes early in the morning. You will need to move any vehicles that may be blocked-in before delivery.

Shoot Gunite
$ Gunite Payment

Gunite Shoot

Deep end Gunite Shoot

Completed Gunite
and Forming

After the Gunite is in, it is imperative that it be watered by the homeowner twice a day, for ten to fourteen days. Plan to spend fifteen minutes, twice a day with your hose (or portable-variable sprinkler) watering the new gunite.

Pick Masonry
If you haven't done so already, it's time to choose your masonry. Work with your Hacienda Pools rep (who can arrange time at a materials showroom in your area).

Electrical & Gas
First we'll prepare and lay your rough electrical and gas lines, followed by a mandatory inspection.
$ Electrical & Gas Stub Payment
$ Equipment Payment
# Electrical & Gas Inspection

Gas Line Installation

Rough Electrical
Installation Stub

Installation of brick, pre-caste, stone, slate or tile as called for in your project's plan.
$ Masonry Payment

Equipment Ready for Installation (Delivered After Gunite)

Masonry Installation

Masonry Installation

Tile Line Leveling,
Brick Coping Installation

Spa Tile Line Complete

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