The Pool Build Process

step 4: Concrete (Decking)
Typical duration: 2 weeks

Deck Forming, Steel,
and Base Rock Installation
Concrete / Decking
We'll start by back filling, grading, forming your decking and laying out the base rock and steel.

Deck Preparation
Homeowner saturates the decking to minimize post-pour deck cracking. Your Hacienda Pools' representative will explain the amount of time and frequency you should water your specific project.
$ First Decking Payment (50% of decking bid)
# Pre-Deck Inspection

Deck Pour
Next we'll pour your decking and level it for proper drainage.
$ Second Decking Payment (Remaining Balance of Decking bid)

Pour Day

Leveling the Concrete

Score-Joint and
Stamping Concrete

Finished Deck
Deck Curing
Don't walk on your new deck for at least four days while its drying.

Final Electrical, Plumbing, and Equipment
$ Final Electrical, Plumbing, Clean-Up and Alarms Payment

Final Plumbing and
Electrical at Pad

Waterway Jet Installation

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