The Pool Build Process

step 6: Water Fill & Startup
Typical duration: 1 week, job size dependent

When it's time, your Hacienda Pools rep will turn on the water. Fill time varies by pool size but generally takes between 24 and 48 hours. Continue filling (non-stop) until waterline meets the center of the tile line.

Startup consists of turning on your system, programing your initial computer settings, chemical balance/conditioning, client brushing and initial filter cleaning.

Secondary Masonry
If there is any additional masonry items to be built or finished off, this is the time. Secondary masonry items often include things such as steps, barbecues, seat walls, and fire pits. (Deck forms will remain on and pressure washing will not take place until secondary masonry is complete.)

Wood Structures
Assembly of arbors, overhangs and other wood structures.

Connecting the electrical and gas lines to any secondary masonry items including barbecues and fire pits.

Basic Training (End doc)
Hacienda Pools (or an approved partner) will give you a detailed orientation of your new pool , pool equipment, water features and their maintenance.
$ Secondary Masonry Payment (refer to your contract for specific amount)

Next Mastic Seal (an expansive rubber joint installed between the decking and the coping) will be installed.
$ Mastic Payment (refer to your contract for specific amount)

Final Inspection
Hacienda Pools will arrange for your local inspectors to sign off on the final project.
# Final Inspection

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