The Pool Build Process

step 7: Swim / Post Completion
It's the step you've been waiting for, it's time to take a dip in your new pool or a soak in your new spa.

Service Company Selection
It's also time to take a few moments to make sure your new pool (or newly remodeled pool) lasts for years to come by selecting a pool service company. Hacienda Pools can help you find local companies with high standards of service.

Now that your pool's finished, it's time to beautify your yard by adding landscaping including low-voltage lighting, irrigation and landscape drainage. Your landscaper must seal the back of all raised bond beams and install all French drains. Please note that landscaping development, service, and payments are all performed by companies other than Hacienda Pools. Ask your Hacienda Pools representative about reputable landscaping companies in your area.

Sealing the Backside
of the Raised Beam

Yard Prep for Grass

Grass Installation

Final Yard

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