Pool Remodels
Remodeling your pool should be considered when you notice problems such as leaks or cracks but can also be a way for you to upgrade the style and equipment of your pool for many more years of enjoyment.

Hacienda Pools specializes in extensive remodels, full blow-outs, pool shape alterations, adding waterfalls and adding spas. This kind of work requires detailed plans and skilled experts to keep everyone on the same page.

Correctly remodeling a pool is not a cheap affair, beware of the salesman that tells you otherwise. A pool is a system, where one piece affects all the others. Therefore, if you are going to remodel, plan to do it right or not at all. Also keep in mind that an extensive pool remodel can cost as much as a new pool due to demolition, core drilling, gunite additions, shape changes, and additional water and masonry features.

Don't forget to budget for the demolition costs associated with remodeling. Planning Your Pool Remodel
Not all remodel projects require plans, but if you are doing an extensive remodel make sure your plans person explains and shows what is existing for demolition. Plan for the unknown by asking potential builders what problems can arise. An experienced builder, honest professional will discuss potential problems, before they become problems.

Choosing a Pool Remodeler
Checking a potential remodeling company's license and references is just the start. In choosing a pool remodeler interview companies with experience in remodeling, and make sure that at least 25% of their business is remodeling. A competent remodeler will want to use as little of the 'old' as possible (they will want to strip the pool to the shell and start over). Old materials can cause new problems and for this size of project you don't want regrets.

"Our pool receives compliments every time someone visits."
- Kevin J of Danville

The Remodeling Process
The remodeling process is very similar to the new pool process with the exceptions generally being demolition and unforeseen issues that arise along the way. The permit and inspection process is a little easier; and most often the excavation, steel, and gunite phases don't even exist (after demolition you go straight to masonry). In some cases however, you may incur excavation, steel, and gunite charges when adding features, such as waterfalls and spas. Also note that with smaller jobs, you may pay slightly more for materials due to industry minimum purchase requirements.
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"We now have a beautiful pool that we are enjoying daily."
- Paul & Maurine K of Livermore