Pool Terms


Landscape Scheme - Describes the basic "feel" of your yard. Common themes include:
• Desert - landscape rock and cactus type plants
• Tropical - palm plants and bright accents
• Tahoe - grass, bark, trees
• Concrete - clean & elegant

Pool Shapes - The following shapes are just a few offered by Hacienda Pools. Use one of these styles or combine different styles for your new, personalized pool.
• Corinthian - long shape with four major sides and corners rounded to the inside
• Free Form - rounded sides and a free-flowing shape
• Geo - straight sides and corners at various angles

Water Features - General term for items that compliment your pool including waterfalls, weeping walls, slides, sheer descents, sconces, urns, squirters, fountains and more...
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Decking - The area of your yard between your pool's coping and your landscape or home. This area is commonly concrete but may also be brick style pavers or stone inlay. (Note that in the pool industry, decking is not associated with a home's deck.) (Exposed Aggregate Concrete, Pre-caste Concrete, Salt Finish Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Pavers, Rock, Stone Inlay)

Coping - Your pool's edge, or the immediate area surrounding your pool. (Brick, Pre-caste Concrete)

Tile Line - The color and material used on the interior of your pool/spa at the water line. (Note: can add functionality.)

Pool Interior Surface - The color and material used for the inside of your pool. (Smooth Pebble, Textured Pebble, Plaster)

Raised Bond Beam Facing - The color and material used to accent your pool, spa, and other elements of your yard. (An example may be the stone inlay used around a raised spa.) (Rock)


Brick - used to describe a variety of materials, colors, and shapes that are placed as small blocks and set by mortar. (Coping)
Concrete, Exposed Aggregate - textured with the appearance of gravel mixed into the concrete. (Decking)
Concrete, Pre-caste - while poured, when completed pre-caste concrete often is described as having the appearance of long slabs or stones. A very clean look. (Decking, Coping)
Concrete, Salt Finish - A relatively flat concrete with a slight texture for appearance, traction and safety. (Decking)
Concrete, Stamped - poured concrete with a variety of textures and patterns including "marble-like" motifs. (Decking)
Pavers - A variety of colors and patterns of "layed-blocks" generally having the appearance of bricks. (Decking)
Pebble, Smooth - Appears to have the texture of small rocks, but very smooth to the touch. (Pool Interior Surface)
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Pebble, Textured - Appearance of small rocks, textured to the touch. (Pool Interior Surface)
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Plaster - flat color, semi-smooth surface (Pool Interior Surface)
Rock - Thin cut textured or smooth stones randomly placed and set with grout. Includes: flagstone, sandstone, natural stone, and manufactured stone. (Decking, Raised Bond Beam Facing)
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Stone Inlay - thin cut textured or smooth rocks arbitrarily placed and set with grout. Includes: flagstone, sandstone, and natural stone. (Decking)